Thatching Services

Nigel G Turton (Thatching) Ltd offers a comprehensive thatching service throughout the area, including repairs, complete re-thatching in water reed or combed wheat reed and flush ridging or ornamental block ridging.

Whether you have an entire roof, a porch, or a small outbuilding, we are flexible and professional and have the skill and expertise to complete your requirements to a standard to be proud of.

We offer the following services

  • Re-thatching
  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Outbuildings
  • Porches
  • Re-ridging
  • Sympathetic Repairs and Patching
  • Maintenance
  • Advice
  • Inspections and Reports
  • Free Estimates

We use locally sourced combed wheat reed when we can and our thatching spars are made from coppiced hazel.

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I first met Nigel Turton in the mid-1980s when he was an apprentice working on our thatched cottage. Since that time I have had cause to call upon his expertise on a number of occasions.

Firstly some 10 years ago when the ridge needed renewing. This he carried out in an exemplary manner using a generous amount of reed, doing a beautiful job and leaving a perfect ridge. This is still in perfect condition showing no signs of wear.

Secondly some 5 years ago when the overall thatch was showing signs of wear and he recommended that it be redressed. When this was completed the thatch looked almost like new and was in near perfect condition.

On both these occasions, the work was completed on time, his estimate was considerably less than his nearest competitor and the site was cleared perfectly.

Thirdly he has provided information for insurance purposes including thatch inspections and pragmatic advice concerning chimney height and condition required to allow an open fire to be used safely.

I would recommend Nigel Turton unreservedly. He still loves the "hands-on" experience of thatching. He has always been helpful, cheerful and polite. The work that he carries out is of the highest standard. The site is cleared perfectly when the work is completed and his estimates are highly competitive. A brilliant Master Thatcher.

Peter Lanham - re-ridged cottage pictured